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Respline will change the way you work with splines adding 10 new tools to your Cinema 4D tool belt. These tools allow you to create, modify, and animate splines in ways that were previously impossible. Use them separately or combine them together for more interesting effects. The creative possibilities are endless! 

Respline Core Features

  • 10 amazing tools to create/modify/animate splines
  • Chain tools together for interesting combinations
  • Each generator automatically converts polygons into splines
  • Interactive and animatable controls
  • Fast, flexible, easy to use!
  • Compatible with Cinema 4D R15-22
  • Studio – Prime – Broadcast – Visualize

01. Spline Mesher

This generator converts any spline into a polygonal geometry based on different 3d shapes, such as circle, square, rope, and chain. More forms will be added in future versions.

02. Slice Generator

This object slices object into multiple splines which can be manipulated by utilizing convenient control parameters.

03. Edge Splines

This generator turns edges of its child object into parametric splines, based on 3 different options: All Edges, Phong Tag, Override Phong Tag.

04. Fillet

Creates interactive rounded corners on your spline edges to give you a softer look and feel.

05. Chamfer

Creates interactive hard corners on your spline edges.

06. Outline

Creates an outline based on its child splines object normals giving you perfect edge distance from the original spline.

07. Resample

This generator turns edges of its child object into parametric splines, based on 3 different options: All Edges, Phong Tag, Override Phong Tag.

08. Post Process

This generator takes advantages of C4D’s powerful spline processing algorithms and parametrically applys to any kind of object.

09. Trim

This generator limits spline object from its start and from its end while the “offset” feature lets you move and animate the spline around.

Combine Them Together!

Combine the various Respline tools together into different combinations to make your own super spline generator!

Compatible with R15-R22

Studio – Prime – Broadcast – Visualize

Developed By Merk Vilson

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  1. Hi,
    I purchased Respline and here a feedback. The outlinespline distance parameter is not accurate while working with Tracerobjects (Splineobjects ok. but not with Poygonobject).
    If you like I can send you a little testscene. Could you send this information to Merk? Thanks

      • Hello Merk,
        Have the same issue with the Motion Trim (associate with Spline Mesher) when animate; spline never end to 100% (and randomly different each time !?). Respline 1.01

  2. Hey!
    I bought it for c4d 20, and it doens’t detct it as a plugin anymore, my purchase code it’s : 3176-7068-4059-3538-4245-3184-4477 (bought it in gumroad). What I have to do?

  3. I wish this plugin would be able to generate a Centre Line spline from an existing Text Spline. Sometimes I need to use an existing font to create NEON, but I just need a single centre line of that font generated. wish it could do that.

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