Snap To Floor 1.3 Generator Plugin For Cinema 4D by Merk

Snap To Floor 1.4

Snap To Floor is similar to the free Drop To Floor plugin here on the site except that it’s live! You can rotate your object in the scene and your model will always keep its lowest point on the Y axis. This makes animating things like animating any rolling objects a breeze!


Move your objects all over and watch the magic as it stays on the ground!

Realtime Feedback

Even mid modeling your object will update in realtime keeping your structures planted as you make modifications.


Make your objects roll along the ground interactively. Here I used a simple Xpresso setup to link the Z position and the Cubes rotation, Snap To Floor took care of the rest!

Stay grounded with SNAP TO FLOOR 1.4!

Compatible with R15-R20

Studio – Prime – Broadcast – Visualize

Developed By Merk Vilson

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    • Hi there Leandro, he just updated it to work with groups of objects on the Feb 2nd. If you purchased it try downloading the new version!

  1. Hello, What is the simple Xpresso setup to link the Z position and the Cubes rotation on Snap to floor?

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