Symex Plugin by Merk for Cinema 4D


Symex is an object generator plugin that replicates your objects geometry symmetrically in Cinema 4D. It works like a fractal that repeats itself while adding some randomization on top of the mesh to keep things interesting. You can quickly create very detailed structures out of almost nothing. Combine this with some of Merk’s other plugins such as Topowire for even more crazy effects!

Symex Core Features

  • Create complex meshes out of any polygon or primitive object
  • Tweak Primary and Secondary shapes(iterations and Repetitions) to quickly get a structure to suite your needs
  • Control which Axis are effected and how they behave
  • Use built in Transform Controls to further customize the look
  • Easily create endless variations of your mesh with the seed values
  • Compatible with Cinema 4D R15-22
  • Studio – Prime – Broadcast – Visualize
Symex Plugin UI Cinema 4D


Create unique looks based on simple or complex geometry. Symex will take even the simplest models and make them into something unique and usable.

Symex Plugin by Merk for Cinema 4D
Symex Plugin variation by Merk for Cinema 4D


With the Extrusion and Symmetry tabs you will find sliders along with random seed and a random axis mirroring mode which will give you unlimited combinations.


Combine this with Merks other plugins such as Topowire and you can create a structure with lots of depth and detail!

Symex Plugin by Merk for Cinema 4D
Symex Plugin by Merk for Cinema 4D


The ability to get instant feedback once you drop your object as a child of the generator lets you explore your options quickly!

Transform your geometry with Symex

Compatible with R15-R22

Studio – Prime – Broadcast – Visualize

Developed By Merk Vilson

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