Trypogen 1.5 Generator Plugin For Cinema 4D by Merk

Trypogen 1.5

Trypogen 1.5 is an object generator plugin that creates abstract geometry from objects in Cinema 4D. You can create interesting organic looks with your objects within seconds. With it’s various modes and input sliders you can easily tweak the results to get a wide range of meshes options.

Trypogen 1.5 Core Features

  • Create complex meshes out of any polygon or primitive object
  • Lots of options to tweak your look with 5 core mesh modes
  • Weld multiple objects in the hierarchy into one mesh
  • Use multiple smooth settings to enhance or remove edges
  • Easily create endless variations of your mesh
  • Compatible with Cinema 4D R15-20


Create unique looks based on simple or complex geometry. Trypogen will take your models core mesh and transform it into an organic structure instantly!


With five core mesh modes, five subdivision settings and numerous parameters to tweak the mesh you will be sure to find a look that suits your taste.


Take the mesh a step further and add the Voronoi Fracture object to the mix to add structure to the inside of the object. You can use this with all the usual Mograph Effectors to take the complexity to another level.


The ability to get instant feedback once you drop your object as a child of the generator lets you explore your options quickly!

Give your models a completely unique look with TRYPOGEN 1.5

Compatible with R15-R20

Studio – Prime – Broadcast – Visualize

Developed By Merk Vilson

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